Unlike delivery pizza, DiGiorno is served piping hot and crispy–a benefit we were tasked with conveying to the internet. So, just like our pizza, we created advertising that was also unlike anything delivery. Oh, and we finally gave pizza the party anthem it has long deserved.

And, of course, we gave Oven Jam a web experience that bangs as hard as the anthem.


The secret to Oven Jam’s success (spoilers ahead) was the selection of musical chops. We got four top, emerging artists, who together brought more than 10 million fans. And, to top that, Redfoo from LMFAO and the reigning Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller, joined the party, too.


We dropped worldwide on Spotify, in Times Square and on the YouTube masthead.


It was the first anthem to go pizza-platinum, so we pressed it into an extra special vinyl. Rumor has it, Master P is working on a remix.


And, for the statistics buffs, here are the results.