On a day when the top story is “Donald J. Trump takes office,” breaking into headlines is a presidential task. We wanted to create a piece that would explode into conversation without stoking controversy. People assumed we were commenting on the current state of the union, but fans in the know quickly recognized the brilliance of the announcement.

HOC-video still

In addition, we created OOH that picked up where the show left off and helped drive intrigue for the exciting political discord that awaited Season 5 viewers.

HOC-OOH Visuals

We bridged OOH and digital with iconic Netflix platform art that let fans know the wheels were coming off Frank’s political wagon.

HOC-Digital Visuals

We kept the conversation going on social by circulating the video and key art in innovative ways.

HOC-Social Visuals

And taking a page out of Frank Underwood’s book, allow us to brag (humbly).