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Making the minivan relevant again.
Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler invented the minivan category. And not long ago, these vehicles were the go-to-choice for active families. But with the rise of the SUV, minivan sales have fallen steeply. To stay competitive in this shrinking category, Chrysler created the Pacifica, an innovative vehicle designed to help make the job of parenting just a little bit easier.

The minivan category is a unique challenge: the people who would most benefit from driving one are also those who have the strongest bias against it. We had to make the minivan category compelling – and then separate and elevate Pacifica within it.

So instead of trying to position the minivan as fashionable or cool or sporty, we were honest. We told parents, “Pacifica is the vehicle for you – for whatever kind of parent you are.” And we brought this idea to life through Bad Moms star, Kathryn Hahn, in our “No Matter How You Parent” campaign. From the “got-it-all-together parent” to the “travel sports parent” to the “scout parent” to the parent who is barely keeping it together – we celebrated all parents.

This irreverent and unpredictable campaign is driving sales, connecting with parents and is inspiring laughter from an audience that can often use some levity.

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