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Overcoming cord cutting for cable TV.

In the land of cord-cutters, the country’s 3rd largest cable TV provider needed a reboot. Instead of extolling the benefits of 1,000 channels at your fingertips, we repositioned their Contour cable product and reminded people why they loved television in the first place–because it brings us together.

The “Find Your Together” campaign celebrated the moments we share on sofas, in living rooms and bedrooms. And instead of fake smiles and slick actors, we did it by featuring moments of real life. From soothing crying babies, to mending broken hearts, to 2AM binge sessions of Stranger Things. Our campaign also did something unconventional for cable TV–it targeted the retention of current customers, who loved cable, instead of trying to win back cord-cutters. This bold strategic repositioning and brave strategy led Cox to their best results in years.