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Helping Ram overtake Chevy for the first time.

Helping Ram overtake Chevy for the first time.

For a long time, Ram has been a distant third in sales behind Ford and Chevy. Owners rarely, if ever, switch brands. In fact, people are more loyal to their pickup truck brand than their political party. That all changed with Long Live Ram, an omni-channel campaign that catapulted Ram Trucks past Chevy for the first time in history.

Unlike most other cowboy-riddled truck campaigns touting horsepower and payload, Long Live Ram sidestepped stereotypes to make what people actually do with all that capacity the story. Long Live Ram also announced the unknown fact that Ram built America's Longest-Lasting Trucks. But instead of putting the vehicles at the center of the long-lasting message, we put people front and center. Stories of what Ram owners do with their trucks, day after day, year after year, decade after decade, became the hero. In a category filled to the brim with brawn and muscle, Ram had the courage to bring heart and emotion.

Long Live became the rallying cry that got Ford and Chevy owners to take a whole new look at the brand — and switch. And for the first time ever, Ram became the #2 truck.

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Ram outsells Chevy for the first time ever.
An omni-channel campaign that worked down to the dealer level.
Brand for the first time ever
Trucks sold
Months of sales growth