The people of Doner

Doner is a unique place. With an energy all its own. A diverse, talented, energetic collection of brains, skill sets and hearts. Once people become part of the culture here, they tend to like it. And we’re all about that.


David DeMuth


Originally from New Jersey (huge Springsteen fan!), I migrated to the Rust Belt and have lived happily in places like Buffalo, Cleveland and now Detroit. (All the glamour spots.) As a teenager, I worked in a grocery store and became fascinated with how and why people buy things.

I enjoy learning about and dissecting different businesses and the creative problem solving that advertising demands. I also love the extreme competitive aspect of the agency business and the thrill of helping our clients win. I’m a hands-on, walk-around leader who believes creativity and accountability can coexist in harmony, details and speed matter, and bureaucracy sucks.

An avid tennis player, parent and coach, I can still hold my own (most days) on the court with my kids and the D1 players I help coach at the University of Detroit Mercy. I’m active in the community as a governor at Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, MI, a board member at MOCAD (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit), and a life trustee at University School in Hunting Valley, OH. What Moves Me? Classic rock, contemporary art, the one-handed backhand, interior design and, of course, my wife Kristen and four kids (between the ages of 5 and 22).

Eric Weisberg

Global Chief Creative Officer

I'm a born-again midwesterner. After 20 years in NYC, I've returned to my roots, just 250 miles from my hometown of Cleveland to be a part of the amazing global transformation going on at Doner.

I love telling stories. But, I'm equally passionate about technology, mobile, media, culture, and design. I'm humbled to have lead teams to win every major global advertising award, but even prouder to have been a part of work that filed patents, lowered the stigma of mental illness and was spoofed by Stephen Colbert.

My creative philosophy? It's pretty simple: make everything you touch better than the day before and try hard not to be a jerk doing it.


Technology, a disruptive idea, a properly brewed cup of tea and a smooth road ready to be attacked by two wheels and a carbon fiber frame.

Lauren Prince

President | Doner LA

Lauren's demonstrated entrepreneurial approach, breadth of experience working with fashion, lifestyle, CPG and retail brands, as well as her track record for driving growth will no doubt fuel Doner L.A.’s continued momentum.

Craig Conrad

President | Doner Detroit

I’ve been an avid sports enthusiast all my life. Whether it’s scoring goals, making blocks or turning a double play, healthy competition and being a good teammate are things that get my heart pumping.

Working in advertising has the same effect. It started on my first day as an intern at P&G and continues today as I help our clients compete in categories like automotive, retail, healthcare and packaged goods. Being part of a team, flawlessly executing common goals and helping our clients win are some of the reasons I believe I have the best job in the world. The thrill of competition extends to my home life, as well. My wife and I are active sports parents to our two multiple-sport (and very competitive) children. What Moves Me? My family, sports and fitness, craft cocktails, trying to find consistency in my golf game, coaching, traveling to new places, books about WWII, and a perfectly mowed lawn.

Sue Guise

EVP, Director of Operations

Being part of the Doner family for so long has made me both unofficial historian and “Go-to Sue.” I’ve literally worked in almost every department in the agency. Learning from the past, growing into the future and problem-solving along the way is the tempo that drives me every day. And because I like to get things done, interacting with amazing people and helping build great creative becomes my energy source. And thanks to Doner, I take that energy home, where Go-to Sue becomes Go-to Mom. What Moves Me? Great food – cooking it, eating it and checking out all kinds of restaurants – reading, traveling, crazy new workout classes, Michigan football and my family.

Catherine East

Director of Client Leadership | DonerCX

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Marcus Collins

Chief Consumer Connections Officer

I am a culturally curious thinker with an academic insight into the cognitive drivers that impact consumer behavior. My strategies and creative contributions have led to the success of Potbelly’s “Feed Your Smile” campaign, Budweiser’s “Made In America” music festival, the launch of Bud Light Platinum, the launch of the Brooklyn Nets (Hello Brooklyn!), and State Farm’s “Cliff Paul” campaign – to name a few.

Previously, I led iTunes + Nike sport music initiatives at Apple (iTunes Partner Marketing) and ran digital strategy for Beyoncé.

Beyond my advertising endeavors, I am also among the roster of instructors at Hyper Island and a faculty member at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, as a lecturer of marketing and co-director of the Yaffe Digital Media Initiative.

I am a proud Detroit native, a devoted husband, and loving father.


I believe that we’re all here in this world for two reasons: Serve God and serve each other.

As such, what moves me is to help people fully realize their potential, while they help me realize my own. Kanye West said it best, “All I want is dopeness.” Seriously, that's all I want. And I am in relentless pursuit of it ... in everything I do.

Jane Goodman

Chief Strategy Officer

You might not believe it today, but Jane grew up shy and quiet – an introverted kid who’d rather sit at the adult table and listen. The adult table always provided some gossip she could pass along to her older brother. In many ways, she’s still a kid, listening in on other people’s conversations to see what gossip insights she can pass along to clients.

Over the last 20 years, those insights have turned into the foundations of brand and marketing strategies for clients of all types – retail, healthcare, wellness, packaged goods, technology, telecom, beauty, fashion, financial service, and spirits. But her favorite type of work is brand development, especially if she can develop new research methodologies to get in deep with consumers and uncover new emotional territory (having done so for Weight Watchers, Zillow, Bombay Sapphire, Nicorette and Lysol, to name a few).

Jane recently fell in love with the spirit of Detroit and came to Doner to lead the Integrated Strategy Group. She’s enjoying listening to Michiganders of all sorts.

Monica Tysell

Chief Integration Officer

Ensembles are my thing, especially if they are a quirky bunch. Creating diverse, collaborative teams and driving toward a common goal keeps me humming. I love the idiosyncrasies that make us all human and working with passionate people who bring different perspectives and skill sets is how we create and sell our most innovative and effective ideas.

A native Detroiter, this city is my passion. I fan the renaissance flames by helping the Detroit Public Theatre and MOCAD. I’m also literally invested in a new downtown restaurant, The Peterboro. (If you go, order mom’s ribs. Yum!) My passion for Detroit is only topped by my passion for college football. My blood runs green in a football house divided. My daughter and I root for the right team, which is of course the Spartans, while the guys cheer for U of M. What Moves Me? The healing powers of Reiki, studying people (also known as eavesdropping and people watching), my amazing husband and two fabulous kids, and doing impressions of my silly dog Oliver when prodded after a glass of my favorite wine.

Jason Gaboriau

EVP, Chief Creative Officer | Doner LA

Growing up, I always wanted to be Ralph Lauren. I’d see him and his family living large in American castles, driving exotic rare sports cars and outfitting supermodels around the world. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC to pursue this dream… it was there that I realized, I hate fashion and that my real passion was advertising.

I still remember the feeling I had when I discovered that this could be my job. It felt like I took too much Dayquil… what a rush. I was shaking yet tired but very awake. To me, advertising is the most fun job in the world. I still love being creative and working with such smart, talented, crazy and insane people every day. I am addicted to that combination of passion and pressure. No matter the client or the medium or no matter how long I have been doing this, I still feel the rush in my head, in my stomach, when I see really great advertising. What Moves Me? I love going to the movies (93 times a week), reading magazines, visiting museums, going to the theatre, binging on lots of television, design, architecture, you name it. I love to immerse myself in all forms of culture. I also love the New England Patriots and Boston sports radio.