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Doner is working to create an agency that reflects the diverse community we live in and serve.

Doner is working to create an agency that reflects the diverse community we live in and serve.

We believe in the power of diversity, in the power of creativity, and in the power of “What if?” as a catalyst for equality and progress. This applies to more than advertising, but also for society at large. And we work to answer the question of “What if?” through the daily collaborative efforts of Doner’s 350+ artists, strategists, collaborators and creators.

We believe our diversity is our strength. It allows our authentic selves to shine through and tell innately human brand stories.

Our culture is our compass. It inspires us to reflect America’s diversity in iconic, inclusive work filled with empathy, connection and joy.

And our voice is our rallying cry. We empower everyone to be heard and share their unique perspective to create real, lasting and impactful change.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to champion progress, diversity and inclusion in all that we do at Doner. Join us and help build a world in which everyone has an equal opportunity for self-determination, success and celebration.



Implement programs and policies that create an open, collaborative and welcoming environment for all voices, backgrounds and viewpoints.


Address unconscious bias in recruiting and development, and drive diversity parity across all levels and departments.


Be an active part in the advertising community that celebrates, educates and empowers one another.


Our Employee Resource Group is a group with varied status, who actively engage in communicating and gathering around a central unifying purpose, mission and background or activity.

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We Stand United with Our Partners

(because it takes all of us to understand the beauty of inclusion)

4 A’s / 600 & Rising / Adcraft Club- the D Show / National Arab Museum / Black United Fund of Michigan / Coleman A Young Foundation / Centro Cultural Hispano / Orchards Children’s Services / Detroit Institute of Arts / Dear Black Talent / The 3% Movement / Stand with Trans / #StopAsianHate / Multicultural Luncheon / One Club – Where Are All the Black People?

Affirmative Action Statement

Doner considers diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of everything we do—including how we build our workforce. Doner’s talent recruitment mission strives to widen the hiring pool to meet an inclusive proportion of underrepresent, women and persons with disabilities through targeted recruitment.