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JBL x Giannis

As JBL’s lead creative agency since 2010, we helped the brand overcome being outspent by Bose and Beats by 10-1 and claimed the #1 spot in portable speakers. In 2022, we had the chance to overcome something else: the exclusionary world of drop culture.

Custom drops are, by nature, exclusionary. And that culture runs counter to JBL’s brand belief in inclusivity, and the beliefs of one of their brand ambassadors, NBA All Star, Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Greek Freak. So for a custom drop for a Giannis-designed Freak Edition headphone, we flipped archetypal drop on its head.

We created the #JBLGreekOut. Everything was in Greek, including a marble Greek sculpture of Giannis that traveled the Milwaukee market where Giannis plays – and an AR experience to see it everywhere. Giannis taught Greek sayings in video content across social and digital platforms. A TikTok dance challenge with Giannis appeared on NBA broadcasts, with content shared by Shaq, LeBron, Charles Barkley and tens of thousands of fans. Perhaps most importantly, the Freak Edition headphones remained accessible with their own home on StockX just in time for the holidays.

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