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Reigniting America’s favorite breakfast.

Today, people have more choices for breakfast than ever before. But that doesn’t mean they’re good choices. Nothing compares to a hot McDonald’s breakfast, and it was time to remind people what they were missing.

With a brand as iconic as McDonald’s, the challenge isn’t to drive awareness for their breakfast – it’s to drive traffic by making McDonald’s breakfast a part of America’s daily routine. And that’s exactly what we did. At the market level, we amplified and localized a national campaign around a rallying cry to “Wake Up Breakfast.” Our strategy team mined data to identify traffic-driving opportunities down to the local store level, and our omni-channel campaign reminded people that they don’t have to settle for a sad breakfast, because a hot, fresh and great-tasting breakfast is just a drive-thru away.

30% increase in share of breakfast

10% increase in guest count